June 2013

                                                   We rise by lifting others.

                                                Robert Ingersoll

Another great year!

What began as a modest plan to help a few deserving students in need has given out over $21,000, with at least another $12,000 planned for next year.  A tremendous tribute to your generosity.  I cannot thank you enough for helping make this dream a reality.

I have attached a current financial statement as well as excerpts from the letters that I have received from the recipients.  Although they are addressed to me, they really are meant for you.  Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

A few news items:

·        St. Patrick HS and École Secondaire Gisèle-Lalonde have joined the HOST Program beginning in September.  This brings the number of participating schools to eight.

·        The HOST Program is now registered as a charity under the Income Tax Act.  This designation will allow us to apply for support from organizations who will generally only deal with registered charities.  It will also allow us to issue tax receipts directly to donors without having to go through the School Boards.

·        In order to quality for registration, a not-for-profit organization was created and it will manage the HOST Program.  I will continue as President with the help of four Board members.  I invite you to examine the Constitution and By-Laws on our web site.

·        An Annual General Meeting will take place this Fall.  The details of the meeting will be announced in the September Report to Donors.  The Board of Directors has yet to set the membership fee; however, anyone who has already donated to the HOST Program is deemed a member for the first AGM.

I have also attached a Donor Form.  Please spread the word to your friends and colleagues.  My ultimate goal is to support a student in each of the fifty Ottawa youth high schools.  For that goal to be reached, we need to grow our donation base.

Thank you once again for your support.  I wish you a great summer.

Richard Lussier


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