June 2014

Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.

                                                                                                            Booker T. Washington

Thank you. Thank You. Thank you.

Dear Donors and friends: I can’t thank you enough for your tremendous support of the Host Program during these brief four years. So far, you have donated over $56,000 to help hard-working students in difficult financial circumstances to help them graduate high school.

This year, the Host Program gave out 15 full $1,000 awards and a $500 award to a student who joined us in February. We supported students in 11 local high schools.

As you have learned from reading my previous reports, The Board of Directors and I are very careful about committing funds without a reasonable expectation of donor support.  Luckily, our financial conservatism has always been exceeded by your generosity.  In my presentation to the Board last August, I projected revenues of about $11,000 for this year.  Since we had a good reserve on hand, it agreed to give out 15 awards.  As we finish our fiscal year, our revenues this year surpassed $20,000!  As a result, we are going to take a calculated risk and give out 22 awards next year. We are adding seven new schools, bringing the total to 18.  We hope that you will continue to support the Host Program and that we will be able to grow our base of supporters.

One very important source of financial support is our participating schools. Many Parent Councils have provided donations and many of our schools have undertaken fundraising events in support of the Host Program.  In this Report, I want to recognize the incredible support offered by St. Matthew High School.  One of the two founding schools in the Host Program, both former Principal Christopher Mes and current Principal Sylvio Rigucci have been instrumental in promoting the Host Program within their school community. Examples:

·      Annual donations from the Parent Council;

·      The students’ Me to We program has raised over $3,000 in two years;

·    This year’s graduating class donated half of its fundraising to the Host Program as a Legacy Project;

·      The English Department staff donates each Christmas in lieu of exchanging gifts;

·      The Principal sent an information email to all parents;

·     I was invited to give a presentation to the staff and to set up an information booth during a Parent-Teacher Interview night and at their Fashion Show.

An amazing example of charity at work. Thank you St. Matts!

As usual, I have attached a financial statement and excerpts from many of the letters that I received from our recipients.  You can read every previous President’s Report and excerpts from every letter on our web site, www.host-program.org.

Please continue to support the Host Program.  Tell your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues about us.  The online donation system on our web site is a very easy way for donors to make instant or monthly donations.  You can also download our Donor Form and mail your donation directly to us.  If you are able to make a payroll deduction through the federal United Way campaign, select the "Help Our Students Program" (CRA registration number 81447-4730-RR0001).

Remember: 100% of your donations go directly to students; your donations are never used for administration.

I wish you a great summer (now that it’s finally here.)

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